Of yesterday and now
May 18, 2018
The Model
May 23, 2018


Hi people,
So it’s Monday again (internal groan…a whole new week which means new opportunities, new stories, new chances etc and it’s yours for the taking. Enter it with a brand new mood, this is mine;

You arrogantly claim my quiet
Ask that I keep shut
I am to listen, you demand
I have no business been heard
You liken me to a raindrop
Too little, you say, to make any difference
Life is a great ocean, what does
a raindrop add, you inquire of me
I did believe you
I shrank and said less
With each reprimand I became
more statue than person
Till my pen swayed to the
rhythm of my fingers
Turning words to verses and melodious rhymes
And I saw that me, a raindrop made a ripple
Now I’m a storm
Telling you I am here because
I’ve been standing still for too long
I shall shout, scream, roar and I
will be heard
And you, you will stand in awe
while I soak you with my storm
Then you will breathe me in

Love and warmth


  1. Blue says:

    This post is BEAUTIFUL❤…

  2. Fuego says:

    Oh my days, you inspire me so much… Your poetry is fire!!! More power girl😘❤

  3. Ken says:

    Amazing!!! Super cool pictures!!! No wonder your writings are beautiful *winks*

  4. K. Hamza says:

    Wow, I love how u just compressed a flood of thoughts and emotions into lines of poetry..powerful💪🙌

  5. Precious says:

    More please!!!!! I can’t stop reading! I guess I’m getting addicted already✔✔

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