A continuous becoming

May 30, 2018
June 4, 2018

A continuous becoming

Salutations!! It’s a new month (you already knew that) and while we’re asking June to be nice, I’d be adding a little of my own.

Have you ever done something you felt would make you happy and ended up more depressed than you were? Sometimes, we push to be the best at some things, we put all our effort so much that we forget to be happy amongst other things. I still struggle with this and a whole lot more and this is a wakeup call to me (and possibly to you reading) as I go in on this month.

– We all speak on being the best version of ourselves, of living “our best life” but in truth, what does that look like?

Personally, I’m about that life but these days, it’s been mirrored down to being ostentatious; by ostentatious, I mean just about display and attracting notice. In this month, in order to live our best lives, we have to be meaningfully self-aware and this knowledge will enable us to choose activities and experiences that nature and foster “our best selves”…this just means that it starts from inside.

– Go on regardless

The past months might have been one of the hardest you’ve experienced…maybe a rollercoaster of new and sudden changes, emotional strain and concern etc. but all in all, you’ve remained strong in areas where others and even you may have expected you to fail and that itself is a pointer to continue to go on.

– Out with the old, in with the new

As you progress on your journey, you will shed old layers to open for the new. As you transform inside (and outside), the way you look at things and even others will change…who you surround yourself with is a major reflection of your life, so as you make internal shifts, it’s okay if you outgrow the things and people around you. Become more aware of what’s really worth your energy and only be with people that feel like home.

– You are sugar, spice and everything nice

People like you don’t happen often (or at all!!), never forget to appreciate you. Put yourself at the top of your to do list every single day and that’s the starting point for your glow. Chuang Tzu said “your preciousness lives in your essence; it can’t be lost by anything that happens” and I say Amen to that!  Don’t let it be lost, keep your essence! Value it!

– Begin again

Remember we repeat what we don’t repair, so let healing in your life! Let go of that past (strife to, I know it’s hard) and give your undivided attention to beginning again…don’t let your demons hold you; make something beautiful from what you think is ashes.

– Stop searching for home within others

There is something about you that most people will never appreciate or love but you must learn to love yourself even when others can’t. Lift the foundations of hone within yourself and build your life in your stomach, there’s nothing stronger and more intimate.

– Quit

*Trying to please

*Fearing change

*Living in the past

*Putting yourself down

*Over thinking

Oh and choose yourself again and again, you’re good enough. You’ll never have this month again, so make it count. Happy new month.

Love and warmth,


  1. Blue says:

    Principles I’ll live by😊

    A blessed month to you @thebloggersays.
    I really love all your posts❤

  2. ken says:

    I really needed this and I’m sure this is going to change a lot of people out there. I saw some things differently and this post just fixed everything. You’re a “life toucher”, if there’s a word like that…thanks for this!!! Best way to start a new month. You’re awesome!

  3. candy says:

    I expected something else, but got beyond my expectation. I’m touched, honestly. I’m glad I found this blog!!!

  4. Tim.. says:

    Sigh.. Touched… And motivated… Thanks… It’s like when someone gives you water when u are thirsty and under the sun… Thanks nsima

  5. KhrisMaju Maju says:

    Your Amazing Nsima.. just what I needed. Thank You.. keep the encouragements coming baby!!

  6. Timmy x says:

    This is all deep thinking 👏👏

  7. Fuego says:

    I always tend to put myself down and be a people pleaser, not from today though. I’m over that. Amazing post as usual

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