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June 8, 2018
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June 11, 2018

Afro lovin’


Don’t touch my hair playing loudly in the background

Growing up, I used to be that girl with the bushy hair because all my friends and foes alike (I had a lot of these though) were relaxed…now there were others with natural hair, don’t get me wrong but mine was always the one they talked about with depictions of how tough and unruly it was, so I hated my hair. From “how do you comb it” to “don’t you have a headache” to “is it because you’re SU” to the outright “c’mon relax this thing” comments I always got plus it didn’t help that I hated my hair, I found myself always agreeing with them and also hating myself in the process, it wasn’t JUST hair for me. There was this old man in my neighborhood that I usually saw when I was sent to buy some stuff, each time when I passed, he’d tell me in pidgin English how “people wey get big full hair wey relaxer never disvirgin ehn, them sabi f@*k. Shebi you come fine girl make we check if na true”, I was 10!!! So just imagine…

My mum didn’t help, she had (and still has) glorious, long, jet black natural hair and was convinced that her daughters (all three of them) were going to toe her line, so every time I begged for a relaxer, she would say NO in the tired way an adult answers a question they’ve already answered. Yet I still begged and begged, one time when I was in predegree, she said, “When you get married, ask your husband. If he says yes, then you can”…I laughed because she knew I wasn’t going to let any man tell me what to do with my body and that no matter what, I was still under her control. I cut my hair of a few times, during the time that going bald wasn’t cute at all, so I faced that one too (long story)…well I’m not married now and I still have my naps, “so what changed?”, you might ask. I fell in love, that’s what…with every kink and coil (well not everything, the ones in front are always testing my patience😂) and it’s been amazing!!

I went from the days were I was always combing every day with force to the failed YouTube tutorials to the product junkie days (am I truly over this??) to when I finally started understanding my hair (emphasis on understanding because this person, yes I said person, atop my head has a mind of her own), I can’t say I want to trade any of these days for anything.

HAIR FAIL; when I put banana in my hair to deep condition and it didn’t come out easily

Thanks to YouTube and natural hair websites, I learned to care for my own hair… I have learned do much and I’m still learning through the good and not so great experiences. My hair is complex, I have looser coils at my nape, the front grows the slowest, the left side always outgrows the right no matter how much I try to even them out…it’s soft, unruly at times, thick and beautiful…it’s flawed but I love my hair.

Right now, I don’t have a set routine but I listen to my hair, healthy hair is the ultimate goal for me (plus I found out this really awesome thingy that I can’t wait to share).

If you are new to the natural hair world, welcome! My advice is to develop patience because this journey is definitely a process…fall in love with your texture, don’t compare yourself to others because this is your journey (I had a huugge problem with this one), don’t go off buying everything product Miss You Tuber with the good hair said to (I definitely struggled with this for a long time), just experiment, see and understand what works for you…try again and again and again. The more you try, the more you will learn and the better you’d get at it, just like everything in life.

See this post

Well, that being said, welcome to “follow the puff”, let’s grow healthy hair.

Love and warmth,





  1. Fuego says:

    I’m jealous!!! Your hair is some serious goals. Can’t wait to see this really awesome thingy you want to share ^winks^

  2. Michael. A says:

    Your hair is soooooo fine and long…I’m loving it! You make me want to grow out my hair. Thanks TBS!!!!

  3. Blue says:

    My hair’s just as tough as they come…
    Combing it is like a nightmare for me😰..
    And like you I’ve cut my hair like a few times but it still ends up like before…
    But with the right help from Youtubers and now you,I’m on the right path and I feel happy

    Your post are just too wonderful for words❤❤

    • Combing tip : finger combing is better but if you still feel unsatisfied, start combing with a wide toothed comb from tip to root, it’s easier. Plus don’t comb dry hair, it’s a nightmare, spray water or a mix (see my moisturizing mix here)before combing.
      Glad I can help… Lots of love

  4. scott says:

    I must say I’m impressed. I know a lot of people that quit because they couldn’t afford expensive products. I’d get them to read this. You’re the best!

  5. candy says:

    You always have a way of getting to me. I’m inspired to keep my natural hair. I’ll mail you a lot of questions

  6. Lily says:

    I stumbled on your blog and I’ve been binge reading, you are super smart and you write so well. Your hair is so beautiful, love from Canada🇨🇦
    Keep doing you beautiful soul

  7. Cynthia says:

    Hehehe. Beautiful indeed.dash me ur hair na

  8. Juan says:

    Beautiful pictures and your hair is so lovely to look at. I have a friend with kinky hair and she always complains about how she’s laughed at, I’d show this to her. Do you consider it a blessing that you weren’t allowed to relax it when you wanted?

    • Thank you..and tell her she’s beautiful and to love her hair and not let anyone tell her otherwise!! I consider it a huge blessing, though it was in disguise

  9. Tosin says:

    I also have short, kinky hair. My friends throw sentences like ‘ your hair is so short, when will you “pack” it? Meanwhile,they have relaxed hair. Thanks for this motivation. I don’t give a fuck about what they say concerning my hair. I’ll just go on being me. I love you.

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