I know that now

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May 14, 2018
Of yesterday and now
May 18, 2018

I know that now

The scene from the last thirty minutes played over and over; his hands moving with the rhythm of his words, the fan rotating and making this whrr-whrr-whrr sound and the beautiful warmness of the mocha brown room. She’d just put their five year old Buchi on the bus when he said the words,”Beluchi, we need to talk”. She should have known, he stayed out late and was out more than normal lately, ”I can’t stay here and continue this with you, it was over a long time ago”, he’d said. She couldn’t say anything and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her tears…he’d already arranged the divorce, everything was final. His last sentence was “you can’t make me come back”.
She thought of how they met, how they became inseparable after, how one couldn’t bear to be without the other, the proposal and the wedding, it was bliss till the job came…Globatech hired her after a long interview, they’d never made a more correct decision they said and she on the other hand had never felt better. Elvis hated that she got a job, he wanted her to stay at home, make his meals, bear his children and be dependent on him, her refusal brought on a war that raged on and on, it was the reason he was leaving her. She remembered him subtly calling her a whore after she got the promotion,”Gina has been in that office for a while and she’s only been promoted once, what special thing are you doing? Thrice in two years?”. It didn’t matter that she’d gotten Globatech one of the biggest deals in its history through sheer hard work and long hours. He started to beat her after her first miscarriage because he felt she did it on purpose and that she didn’t want more children as they’d make her stay at home more and then she had a second one and a third and a fourth…now he was leaving her because he felt “there couldn’t be two captains in one ship”. He had the nerve to tell her this when only the day before, she announced that she was two weeks gone!
Before, she would’ve found peace in the sound of the birds and the rustling of leaves but today, she didn’t hear them as she walked to the park. Yet she walked, eyes unfocused but cast in the direction of the ground…she also didn’t hear the cars honking as she walked into the blue sedan. Everyone was shouting something but in the confusion and chaos, strong hands lifted her with ease…as she looked into the mocha brown eyes of her rescuer, the corners of his mouth crinkled as he smiled, “you’re going to be okay”, he said. She smiled back, “I know that now”, she said.

Love and warmth


  1. Precious says:

    Wow!!!this is an amazing short story.

  2. Ken says:

    This is the most awesome short story I’ve read in a long time!!! So much talent and creativity! Nice one

  3. zegar says:

    This is so nice

  4. Lanre says:

    A beautiful piece.. More power to your elbow

  5. Blue says:

    Really creative 😍😍..

  6. Timmy x says:

    This is quite the write up. 💯💯

  7. Dora says:


  8. Tim.. says:

    Nicely written… Ure gifted gal

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