Mummy Lessons

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June 8, 2018
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June 13, 2018

Mummy Lessons

My mama told me,

Little girl listen,

You are you,

Raw, unadulterated yet flawed,

You are ulo elu*, a tower that should not be climbed,

Because acceptance is on your own terms,

And it shows only by an admittance through the gates


My mama told me,

Ada* listen,

You do not chase grace,

For you already have The Grace,

Soaked up in you like a sponge,

So when they squeeze, spurt,

And flow,

Down their hands and unto their faces


My mama told me,

I na olaedo*,

And fire always brings out the real substance,

So as you wear your ntutu* as a crown,

As it encompasses you unapologetically,

Chin up,

And do not let them alter you,

No one holds imitation gold for long


My mama told me,

Listen and here my words,

For you are nnu*

Therefore season, enhance and give meaning,

You are the keeper of your salt,

So be better,

Never bitter,

Never lose your flavor


My mama told me,

Guide your heart,

Because they will come,

From everywhere, in different forms,

All in the guise of angels,

She said ‘your waters will test them,

some will drown, some will win,

and some will adamantly refuse to enter.

So if they will not strip to swim,

if they will not dive deep,

not let it encompass them because they fear the wet,

you tell them to get out,

and go far, far away’.


Love and warmth,

*ulo elu – tower

*Ada – first daughter

*I na olaedo – you are gold

*nnu – salt

*ntutu – hair

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  1. Michael says:

    Awesome as usual. I honestly love this! I was confused when I saw those words *lol*
    Thanks for dropping the meanings

  2. Blue says:

    Your brain is a wonderful place..

    Hope you never lose your flavorπŸ‘Œβ€

  3. Fuego says:

    I was seriously waiting on the notification that you’ve posted. You’ve grown on me.
    Mama is a wise woman!! God bless her

  4. Lily says:

    A field full of gems right here. I’d be abiding by this lessons and I can’t wait to teach this to my children, you and your mum are goals. Many blessings on both of you

  5. Juan says:

    Nice post. I like that you integrated your language or is it dialect into the poem, nice work

  6. I overwhelmed by this write up. it really shows how important one’s own language could use in diverse ways…. keep the hardwork going. Am so so happy dear.

  7. Precious says:


  8. tori-christopher says:

    awwn. baby girl jst got to kw of ds now. more grease to ur elbow love😍😍😍. this reminds me of my mum n her talks…

  9. Chikadibiah says:

    Splendid, the mixture of English and Igbo language made the write up even more beautiful

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